As quoted in the New York Times: At 31, this handsome 5’11” Michigan native told us he was adopted at ten days old. “My mother’s birthday is April 10th and my parents got me on the 11th, so I was sort of a birthday present, he says proudly. “I grew up with a younger brother “Clint Hough” on a farm in the country,” he explained. “We had five acres and a big huge barn. We had horses, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, cows, cats, dogs, and a lot of fresh air. It was rural and even though I loved that lifestlye growing up, I’m definitely an Actor and a big big city person now. At 20, after a short stint in college where he played football and baseball; Kim took a job with Hostess Cakes for several years. “I was making great money and had all the Twinkies I could eat,” he joked. “I serviced two different routes and then became the route supervisor, then later Branch Manager and was given 800 accounts. At the same time I started Acting and Modeling, working in Grand Rapids, Chicago and Detroit. I did print ads and commercials for some very large companies, Steelcase, Amway, Herman Miller, Meijers, Gilmores Dept. stores, Rogers Dept. stores, and Dayton Hudsons, start taking acting classes at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and appearing in plays. I went to a modeling and acting convention where I met an agent from New York City and he said, ‘hey, if you come to New York City, we’ll represent you.'” So this bright, articulate and soft spoken Aries made his way to the Big Apple to pursue his real dream of acting. I’ve studied at some of the most prestigious schools in New York City “The Neighborhood Playhouse, New Actor Workshop, Terry Schrieber Studios, Weist-Barron” and with some of the most respected teachers in the business,” he added enthusiastically. I also managed “The Coffee Shop” a very trendy cafe while I honed my craft. I was on a soap opera for three years, I’ve done about twenty five commercials, been in a Madonna video, fourteen films and in two hundred print ads, he adds with a boyish charm. “But I’m gettin there.” Ground and earthy, you get the sense that Kim is truly centered. Genuine is a word his friends use to describe him. “I’m really very easy-going. I’ve always worked hard for what I want, I’ve always been responsible. Someone dependable, determined and reliable. I know how to prioritize. I have a lot of drive and a lot of energy. I’m quiet yet fun, very focused and a person who’s also into bettering himself. I listen to a lot of meditation and affirmation tapes. I’m into growth- personally and professionally.” He’s been in three serious relationship in the last ten years and says they taught him, “to see what I want and don’t want more clearly.” In a woman he looks for “openness and warmth”. I love someone who’s easy to be with and to talk to. Someone real who has passion for life and isn’t pretentious. A woman who’s smart, independent and can make it on her own but would rather share their life with someone. A woman who’ll understand my drive and ambition and who’ll encourage it, not be intimidated or jealous of it – and who’ll watch sports with me. I love tall woman with dark hair and eyes but I’ve dated several blondes. It’s what’s inside that’s important.” Age? “I’ve dated women 18 and other 45. It’s her essence, it’s something about her that moves me.” He says he’d love a big family one day, ” if we can afford it,” and that a woman with a child isn’t an obstacle. Religion isn’t a problem but relocation isn’t in the picture for Kim at the moment. Last thought? “I’m really a nice guy.” We think so too. New York Times.


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