Hello world!

Welcome to Kim Gregory My Life Blog on  WordPress.com. This is a blog that will feature things that happen in my life on a daily, weekly or monthly time frame. I might post photos, video, or just write something that is on my mind. Please feel free to to share your comments or ideas. This blog is started because I would like to start a video blog online or video streaming show. Thank you. Kim


About Kim Gregory

I grew up Kim Gregory (Hough) on a farm in Wayland which is in the country south of Grand Rapids, MI; we had five acres and a big huge barn. We had horses, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, cows, cats, dogs, and a lot of fresh air. It was rural and even though I loved that lifestyle growing up, I'm definitely a big city person now after living in both NYC & LA for the past 18 years. I've studied at some of the most prestigious schools in New York City "The Neighborhood Playhouse, New Actor Workshop, Terry Schreiber Studios, Weist-Barron" and with some of the most respected teachers in the business. Following that wonderful career as an actor, I had to manage restaurants at night. I managed "The Coffee Shop" a very trendy café in NYC, other places I managed were B Smith’s, America, Metropolitan Café. In 1997 I was the managing partner of a cigar bar called “The Grotto”, it became a very special place for the entertainment people of NYC. Here in LA I managed The Foundation Room at the House of Blues, Pig n’ Whistle Hollywood, Falcon Hollywood, all Hot Spots in LA. I love sports, and I’m also a very big U of Michigan football fan. I helped set-up the game watches on Saturday morning on both coast. Here in LA we can have up to 1000 people show up to watch their favorite team the Michigan Wolverines. Hail to the Victors!
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